Meet Robyn Spizman, New York Times Bestselling Author, Consumer Advocate and Television Personality. As the best-selling author of dozens of books and a seasoned media personality appearing frequently on local and national television and radio, Robyn’s goal is to help you discover smarter, better and brighter ways to live your life. She’s also dedicated to saving you time, money and energy!

Also known as The Super Shopper and called Atlanta’s Super Mom, Robyn has appeared for over three decades as one of the country’s leading gift giving and lifestyle experts. An expert on shopping and gift giving, she has been featured repeatedly on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, The Discovery Channel, Headline News, Talk Back Live.  Robyn has appeared for over three decades on the NBC Affiliate WXIA TV in Atlanta, Georgia with appearances on Atlanta and Company, The Saturday Morning News and for 16 years Noonday.  From Been There Bought That to the top 40 station Star 94’s The Giftionary Show, Robyn continues to be a leading voice making life more memorable. Stick with Robyn and she will share with you practical ways to save time, money and energy.

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Robyn appears frequently on local and national television and radio.

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Robyn has authored and contributed to over 70 published books.

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You also co-authored a book to help women find meaningful jobs. Why did you write that book?

Gift Giving Tips
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TIP #1

Don’t just consider what you like to give…think about what they would like to receive…it’s their gift!

Gifts for Moms
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By Robyn Spizman Gerson